The 2018-19 Minnesota Timberwolves Are Going To Murder Each Other

There is so much going on in Minnesota this offseason and literally none of it has been positive. Head coach and GM, Tom Thibodeau, who is awful at both jobs, decided to sign his old early 2010’s Chicago Bulls.

Jimmy Butler, Derrick Rose, Taj Gibson and Luol Deng should not still all be on an NBA roster together in 2018. Their early 2010’s run was cool or whatever but they continually got their brains bashed in by LeBron so now that LeBron is playing for the Lakers, it’s an odd move for Thibs to bring back the old squad to lose in the playoffs to the Lakers.

What’s even more wild about bringing back a team from almost a decade ago is how Thibs has seems to have forgotten how that team was broken up. Jimmy Butler became a star and wanted the ball in his hands and he could not play with Derrick Rose anymore.

Remember that detail about Jimmy Butler not being able to play with teammates. It’ll come up later.

Tom Thibodeau, the head coach, is even worse than the GM. He is notorious for playing his starters for way too many minutes for no reason. There is no reason why Kirk Hinrich needs to play 46 minutes against the Orlando Magic on a random Thursday on the road in a game that doesn’t matter.

He ran Luol Deng so hard in the playoffs that Deng spent Game 6 of the first round in the hospital getting a spinal tap. He worked him so hard he got Meningitis. Thibs has Luol Deng again. He’s going to be dead by the All-Star break. Someone please break up this abusive relationship.

Anddd now Jimmy Butler wants out.

Jimmy Butler has been a dick since he arrived in Minnesota and the team has underachieved. He clearly hates Andrew Wiggins. Many people believe that Wiggins doesn’t play with enough ‘heart’ or drive and Butler is only a superstar because of how hard he tries. Makes sense that the guy who has to grind every second on the court hates the naturally gifted guy that doesn’t seem to be trying hard.

In his defense, I think I hate Andrew Wiggins too. Wiggins came into the league like he was going to be the next big thing anddd fast forward to 2018 where he just shot 64% from the free throw line and scored 17 of the most unimportant points every game. Wiggins is the worst player to watch try to play basketball.

Throw in the fact that Jimmy Butler for sure banged Karl-Anthony Towns’s girlfriend and yea, I can see a bit of a rift between these star players. Butler is often seen screaming at Towns for playing bad defense and Towns often looks lost as players blow past him to the rim.

But none of that matters because Tom Thibodeau refuses to trade Jimmy Butler. Of course he’s not trading Butler. Have you not been paying attention? Thibs wants the old Bulls team back. The only trade he’s willing to make is to acquire Joakim Noah from the Knicks and he’s not giving up Butler to do it. He’ll find a way.

So Jimmy Butler is stuck in Minnesota playing 60 minutes per game with two players he absolutely hates. I can’t wait until like, January, when Derrick Rose takes too many jumpshots and Jimmy Butler wrings his neck at halfcourt and all hell breaks loose on the T’Wolves bench. It’s going to turn into a WWF Royal Rumble with Karl-Anthony Towns clotheslining Andrew Wiggins over the top rope.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are going to murder each other.

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