That Snake Kobe Bryant Has Destroyed The Boston Celtics Once Again

It was highly reported all summer that the Jayson Tatum spent this past summer working out with Kobe Bryant and the effects of this brainwashing have become instantly clear.

Tatum is shooting contested turn-around fadeaway midrange jumpers for no reason at all and I’m smiling ear to ear watching all of my years of Kobe slander be reignited and thrown at Tatum. This is not good basketball.

After stepping up in the postseason, Jayson Tatum was set to take over the Boston Celtics offense. He is the best overall scorer on the team and even though Gordon Hayward is back with two functional legs and Kyrie is a score-first point guard, Tatum was a killer out there last season and it was his time to take over the offense.

That was pre-Kobe whispering in his ear, massaging his shoulders and saying ‘shoot from anywhere at any time you want, baby. It doesn’t matter if there’s a defender in your face. Just fade away’.

Andddd now Jayson Tatum is taking the least efficient shots and is dribbling the air out of the ball. Yup, this is that wack ass ‘Mamba Mentality’ that dumb basketball fans love so much.

Jayson Tatum is taking 4 more shot attempts this season with 15% fewer shots at the rim. He went from shooting 47.5% from the field to now just 40%. Yikes.

It is hilarious that everyone thought Tatum was the next superstar in this league but instead, he’s turning into Andrew Wiggins. Laugh out Loud.

The Lakers take another W over the Boston Celtics. Kobe Bryant ripped their hearts out in 2010 and he lured Tatum into his death trap and plated an explosive bomb on him that would destroy the Celtics from within.

RIP Tatum.




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