Texans Went Out of Their Way to Trade Brock Osweiler Because He Tried to Fight the Head Coach

The Houston Texans’ decision to trade Brock Osweiler – and give up a second-round pick just to be rid of him – made sense in light of Osweiler’s underwhelming performance in his first season with the team.But there was more going on behind the scenes, including an ugly incident late last season between Osweiler and head coach Bill O’Brien, according to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio.

A source told Florio the incident happened in Week 17, a game Tom Savage started for the Texans after Osweiler was benched two weeks prior.

Savage was knocked out of the game in the first half with a concussion and replaced by Osweiler, then Savage returned for one play to end the half.

At halftime, Savage was reevaluated and ruled out for the game.

This reportedly led Osweiler to throw a tantrum of sorts in the locker room, saying the only reason he was playing was because the Texans needed him to.

Osweiler then reportedly got up to leave and O’Brien held out an arm to keep his quarterback there, which prompted more dramatics from Osweiler and led to both parties needing to be restrained.


I love hearing that Brock Osweiler is a diva quarterback even though he is so bad that the Texans had to give up a 2nd round draft pick so that a team would trade for him. Last season he threw 15 touchdowns to go with his 16 interceptions. Yup, he should totally be pissed that he was benched.

Not a great look for Osweiler here going after his head coach after being benched. Brock has the attitude of a premier starting quarterback. In reality, he was just traded to the Cleveland Browns and will most likely be cut from the roster by the time I finish writing this sentence.

If you’re too shitty to play in Cleveland, you might as well just go ahead and retire now. Your career is over, guy. I also would love to see footage of this Brock Osweiler Bill O’Brien skirmish just to see if anyone actually restrained Bill O’Brien or if everyone in the locker room wanted to see him KO’ed Geno Smith style.

Oh, I want to take this final opportunity to remind you that Brock Osweiler hit a chick. Never forget.






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