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Terry Rozier Sucks and That Sucks

The Boston Celtics were supposed to be the powerhouse in the Eastern Conference when the season began. All of my favorite objective journalists like Bill Simmons and Dave Portnoy thought that Boston would go 82-0 and win by double-digits every game.

If the playoffs were to begin today, the Celtics would be the 5th seed playing on the road and probably getting bounced in the first round as they play like a group of 12 individual mercenaries and have not once all year come together as a team.

A couple of weeks ago, Marcus Morris said the team isn’t having fun. We’re almost 60 games into the season and the Celtics haven’t had fun yet? When do you think all the fun begins? That shit starts in traning camp but they were all still busy ignoring each other in the lockerroom as they sat quitly watching highlights of themselves from the 2018 playoffs.

People are pointing fingers at Gordon Hayward for falling off a cliff athletically. Kyrie Irving thinks the team is too young even though he’s only 26 years old and played the most irrelevant basketball ever before LeBron came back to Cleveland.

But there is one player whose inablity to play basketball has really stood out to me this season and that’s Terry Rozier: the king of the pullup transition jumper that bricks off the rim and instantly ruins the fastbreak.

This season, all of Terry’s numbers are down from the previous year. He’s averaging only 8.9 points per game (down from 11.3) on 37% shooting (dwon from 39%) which some might say, is bad.

In his last five games, Rozier has shot 28.9% from the field on 9.5 attempts. He has the worst plus-minus (-9) and third-lowest net rating (-18) on the team during that stretch.

There is an argument that many of the young Celtics players are stuggling because the return of Kyrie and Hayward has taken minutes away from them but Rozier was averaging 25 minutes last season and 23 this season and I get the feeling he’d get those 2 minutes back if he was playing better.

But I hate this because Terry Rozier seems like a good hang and he’s in a contract year which means his poor play is taking money out of his pocket. I mean, look at these fire tweets:

How can you not root for this man?

My fear is that he’s going to suffer from the same thing that happens to every role player that leaves Brad Stevens’s system. He’s about to turn back into a pumpkin like Jae Crowder and Isaiah Thomas.

Terry Rozier sucks this season and that suuuucks.



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