Tekashi 6IX9INE’s Worst Month Ever Continues As He Will Now Be Re-Sentenced For Being a Pedophile

What Happened?

At the moment, Tekashi 69 is in some significant trouble. He recently plead not guilty to racketeering charges, and if found guilty, he faces a potential life sentence in prison. It also turns out that people close to the rapper may have been planning on assassinating him. A bit over a month ago, Tekashi was also sentenced to four years of probation for a 2015 case for the unlawful use of a minor in a sexual performance. Now, however, it looks like there’s still more to that case.

The rapper will reportedly be re-sentenced in the sexual misconduct case, Page Six reports. Since he is currently being held without bail and is facing federal charges, he is unable to be on probation, so he could be facing more jail time in lieu of probation. This news comes after a meeting between prosecutors and the rapper’s legal team on Friday in which this decision was reportedly reached.



The rise of Tekashi 6ix9ine was filled with trolling other rappers, throwing up gang signs, shouting into microphones about murdering people and walking the line of maaaaybe having sex with a teenage girl.

The fall of Tekashi 6ix9ine seemed to take like, 2 weeks as he is facing a potential life sentence for racketeering and prosecutors are saying ‘fuck it, let’s go back and look at this underage sex case. Why not? burn this kid alive’.

I don’t know if anyone should feel bad for this kid whom we know nothing about other than the fact that he was a blood. It’s not like we really got to know this young man and he didn’t seem to have any redeeming qualities.

At least with Bobby Shmurda we can rally behind the fact that a man full of potential has his future taken away from him. I think Tekashi has already hit his ceiling musically and we’re about done with what he was doing.

Don’t bang underage girls.



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