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Teenage Girl Gets Groped and Pepper Sprayed At a Trump Rally

Look, you can’t go around grabbing teenager’s tits. As much as we all want to, we cannot. As tempting as the forbidden fruit may be, it’s totally not cool to reach out a cop a feel. I don’t want to condone those actions even for a minute.

Having said that, you can’t go out and protest a Trump rally and not expect some old guy to flick your nips a little bit. The second you get into that scrum, you have to know the dangers. You’re probably going to get pepper sprayed. You have to keep your head on a swivel.

Again, totally not condoning the actions of a disgusting old man and a crowd full of misinformed rubes buttttt like, you have to know better than to get tangled up in their web. You especially can’t start shoving and throwing punches. She should be lucky she was only pepper sprayed. I’m shocked that they didn’t tie her up and throw her in the local quarry.

I have yet to really give an opinion on any of the candidates yet and I probably never will. I have no care whether Donald Trump is elected president or not. So what? It’s not Donald Trump I have a problem with, it’s his neanderthal supporters who have been trying to get power in this country since Civil War reconstruction.

I’m just glad this gilr learned a valuable lesson. Take your ‘feel the bern’ shit back to your 8th period AP History and save the rallying and protesting for people who aren’t afraid to take poisonous gas to the face.


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