Teddy Bridgewater’s Leg Basically Exploded, Out For Season

Soooo, Teddy Bridgewater straight up doesn’t have a leg anymore. He dislocated his knee AND tore his ACL? Don’t be shocked if doctors have to amputate that thing. Apparently, he had to be sedated because the pain was so excruciating. Yikes.

Shaun Hill is the current backup for the Minnesota Vikings soo Minnesota sucks. I actually think Hill is a great backup but he’s no Teddy Bridgewater and that’s not saying much as I don’t think Bridgewater is that good to begin with. He’s the textbook definition of average.

As a New York Giants fan, I can’t help but silently fist pump as I know one more team in the NFC bites the dust. First Tony Romo breaks his back and now Bridgewater is a paraplegic. The Giants can go like, 4-12 and they still might have the best record in the NFC. Can’t wait.


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