Ted Cruz Caught Fapping on 9/11

Ted Cruz, you dirty dog. While everyone is honoring the victims lost in the attack on the twin towers, Ted Cruz isn’t just fapping but he’s liking porn on Twitter to save it for later. Ted Cruz is the type of guy to make an account on Pornhub so that he can save videos and make playlists for later and leave comments like ‘mmmm’ or ‘what’s her name?’.

We reaaaally dropped the ball not electing this creep into the Oval Office. There would be so many amazing stories about him whipping out in Air Force One and touching butts left and right. Donald Trump is kicking trans people out of the military while Cruz would’ve been accidentally posting trans porn on Instagram or something.

Shout out to my girl Cory Chase for being in Cruz’s video. Never expected Cruz to be a Reality Kings type of guy. He seems more like an amateur porn watcher but he also seems like he’s seen every single video on Spank Bang so yea, he likes it all. Whether it’s September 2nd or September 11th, Ted Cruz is fapping.






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