Ted Cruz Booed Out of RNC For Shitting on Donald Trump

Oh my, sore loser. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump basically planned a party for the same night but everyone decided to go to Trump’s party instead so at the end of the night when Trump’s party was super lit, Cruz showed up drunk and bitter and tried to ruin Trump’s party. We just witnessed that live on Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention.

Apparently, Cruz’s wife had to be escorted out of the arena for her safety and Ted Cruz almost got beat up by pretty much everyone in the building. You have to respect how loyal Trump’s fans are. I mean, everything Cruz said was correct and nothing Trump has said politically should be rewarded with the presidency but you just have to know whose house you’re in before you start talking shit.

This was Ted’s chance to finally stand up to the high school bully. The problem is, he decided to do it in front all of the bully’s friends. Don’t be surprised if you refresh your newsfeed and see that Cruz’s body was found floating in the Cuyahoga River.

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