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7 Teams That Should Trade For Victor Oladipo

It has been reported this week that Victor Oladipo is done with Indiana and wants to be traded. Kid couldn’t take living in TJ Warren’s shadow. Understandable. Oladipo is entering the final year of his contract and only played 19 games last season and only 36 games the season prior. Mans can’t stay healthy.

But he’s a 2-time All-Star, he’s made an All-NBA team. He’s even won MVP votes in 2018. If healthy, he’s still a guy who can drop 20 points on a nightly basis.

Here are the 7 teams that should trade for Victor Oladipo:

1. Los Angeles Lakers

So fun fact: I wrote this article from the bottom up and I ran out of juice here. Won’t lie to you. I do not care what the Lakers do this offseason. They have LeBron and Anthony Davis. They’re in the NBA Finals. Why did I even put them on this list?

2. Minnesota Timberwolves

The Twolves have Karl-Anthony Towns and D’Angelo Russell. The West is a monster to overcome but Minnesota already has two All-Stars on their roster. They are right there. But they blew it with drafting Jarrett Culver last season who shot 40% from the field and 29% from the 3 which is trash for a shooting guard. Flip him for Victor and let’s go.

There are rumors that KAT wants out but every time I see this man he has his hands all over Jordyn Woods’s thigh meats so perhaps he can be calmed off the ‘trade me’ ledge by the addition of a third All-Star.

3. Boston Celtics

gordon hayward

Send Gordon Hayward home.

4. Philadelphia 76ers

philadelphia 76ers

The Sixers fetish for acquiring big men has ruined this franchise. When Ben Simmons went down, they quite literally ran out of ball handlers. Did we really think Shake Milton was going to be the point guard of the Eastern Conference champions?

Philly needs guards that can get to the rim and create their own shot. Josh Richardson is not it. Someone has to run this offense in the halfcourt and again, it is fucking Shake Mitlon.

5. Houston Rockets

We tried James Harden, Chris Paul and a bunch of warm bodies. We tried James Harden, Russell Westbrook and a bunch of warm bodies. But what if we simply, and this is going to sound crazy, but what if he got rid of the warm bodies??

Eric Gordon and PJ Tucker, your watch has ended. Bring in Victor Oladipo to play alongside Harden and Russ. Maybe get a center too, weirdos.

6. Portland Trailblazers

The Blazers just had a great run in the bubble without Trevor Ariza and Rodney Hood available. Take this team that battled the Lakers and drop Victor Oladipo in the middle of it and at worst that series would’ve gone 7 games and at best that’s a first-round upset.

Dame, CJ, Melo and Oladipo is a tough squad with Nurkic playing the 5. Assuming bubble Melo returns and not ya know, all of the previous shitty versions of Melo we’ve seen since New York.

7. New York Knicks

rj barrett superstar

I couldn’t not put the Knicks on this list. They should trade for every good player in the NBA considering that they currently do not have any outside of Mitchell Robinson. I don’t think Victor is good enough to be the best player on a team full of random role players like, Kemba Walker couldn’t do it with Charlotte and I do not believe Oladipo is better than Walker.

But again, the Knicks don’t have any good players and drafting LaMelo Ball or whoever, won’t change that.



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