Teams Are Actually Competing To Sign Derrick Rose and It’s Hilarious

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Cleveland Cavaliers are actually trying to outbid each other for the rights to have Derrick Rose ruin their teams. It’s unbelievable. No seriously, it is unbelievable that Derrick Rose is out here being courted.

Are we all just pretending like this guy isn’t the most selfish dick in the NBA? After destroying his ACL in Chicago, his immediate statement in his return was that he wanted to sign a big contract. Nothing to do with basketball. Just wanted money.

Homeboy vanished last season and never told the Knicks where he was. Fuck Derrick Rose. The Lakers think he can come in a be a mentor for Lonzo Ball. Laugh. Out. Loud. D-Rose is going to sit quietly in the corner and never say a word to Lonzo.

Can’t wait until Rose and Jose Calderon come off the bench in Cleveland. Really makes you question why LeBron never signed with the Knicks even though he is now playing with Calderon, Frye, Shumpert and JR Smith. PLEASE sign Rose. I want he and Jeff Green to go 0-13 combined every night.




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