Teacher Arrested For Banging a Foreign Exchange Student at 2AM While Her Husband Was Sleeping

According to court documents, Nicole Jakubiak, 36, had sexual intercourse with an 18-year-old Cypress-Ranch High School foreign exchange student from Sweden while she was a teacher at Robison Elementary.

Investigators believe the teacher-student relationship started in March and ended in May. According to officers, Robison Elementary principal Kelly Gerletti said two first grade teachers reported knowing about the relationship between Jakubiak and the teen.

One of the teachers said Jakubiak admitted to cheating on her husband and having sex with the exchange student, according to court papers. The documents go on to say that the teacher asked Jakubiak how the two met. Jubiak replied, “Well, it’s not that hard when they live with you.”

The teacher told investigators that Jakubiak detailed the sexual encounters and said they happened several times a night at “2 and 3 in the morning” while her husband was sleeping, the documents said.

The other first grade teacher, reported a similar story. She said, Jakubiak admitted to her that she was having a relationship with exchange student as well, and told her about almost being caught, according to court documents.

The teacher claimed she saw pictures in Jakubiak’s phone of the student in his boxers.

When officers spoke to the 18-year-old student, he admitted to having sex with Jakubiak and said the relationship was born out of a mutual attraction that led to only oral sex at first, the documents said.

The student told officers the two had sex 20 to 30 times over the course of 1 to 2 months. Their exchanges would take place in the master bedroom, his bedroom and the playroom, court documents said.



Oh heyyy, Nicole Jakubiak. Once you go Swedish, you never go back. Don’t let Nicole get her hands on the Swedish fish because it’ll ruin her marriage and end her teaching career. These two sex addicts banged 20 to 30 times over the course of a month? Dick 2 bomb.

The best part of this story has to be the fact that her husband was home basically every single time his wife got railed out by some random Swedish exchange student who probably just wants a Visa. 2 in the morning? She literally just rolled out of bed to sit on this kid’s face in the ‘playroom’.

Let’s hope Nicole Jakubiak’s husband is on suicide watch. You cannot allow yourself to get cuckolded by an 18-year nordic boy in your own bed while you’re like, taking out the trash. Pray for her husband.


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