Taylor Swift Technically Won Time ‘Person of the Year’ and I’m Pissed

Taylor Swift was one of several people collectively named “Person of the Year” by Time magazine, not for releasing a multi-platinum album or her tear-inducing performance on The Tonight Show, but because she’s one of the “Silence Breakers,” the brave men and women who started a “revolution of refusal.”

Time spoke to dozens of people, “all of whom had summoned extraordinary personal courage to speak out about sexual harassment at their jobs,” including Swift. The “Gorgeous” singer went to court against David Mueller, a DJ who “[stuck] his hand under my skirt and [grabbed] my ass,” in Swift’s words.


Before I shit all over Taylor Swift, I should probably mention that it’s cool that she stood up for herself and spoke out and blah blah. Regardless of who you are, you can’t let dudes upskirt you. Swift won $1 in the lawsuit which was a pretty cool way of making the case about the sexual harassment and not about winning money in a settlement. Cool. Dope.

But first of all, this is what DJs do. I wouldn’t put Taylor Swift standing up to a DJ next to the women whose careers are threatened if they talk about Harvey Weinstein negatively. He’s literally ended women’s careers for A. not sleeping with him and B. telling people that he forced them to sleep with him.

A DJ touched Taylor’s butt.

You should never be in arm’s length of any man who looks up to Diplo. DJs are not humans. They’re sperm who manage to grow on their own without an egg to fertilize and all they care about is twerking videos and Yeezy boots. Be safe around them.

My biggest problem with Taylor winning Time Person of the Year is that she is the LAST person on Earth who needs more positive reinforcement. If anything, she needs people to sit her down and tell her ‘NO’ for once. But then you hear a song like “Look What You Made Me Do” and homegirl legit thinks the world is against her. She already lives her life as if she is Person of the Year and now that’s she technically won the honor, she’s going to be an unbearable monster.




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