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How Tall Is Isaiah Thomas?

Isaiah Thomas is the back up point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers which is hilarious considering he was 5th in MVP voting one year ago while playing with the Boston Celtics and after being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers following a brutal hip injury, it now looks like he’s never held a basketball before.

On Saturday night, Isaiah Thomas made his Lakers debut and scored 22 points in 31 minutes. Pretty decent numbers for a bench player, I’d say.

But this isn’t about Thomas’s ability to score. Although Thomas was shooting 36% from the field in a Cleveland jersey and only 25% from the 3-point line, there is denying his ability to finish at the rim and there’s definitely an instant constant boost when you’re no longer playing under the tyranny of LeBron James.

No, this is about the fact that every time I see a photo of Isaiah Thomas on a basketball court he looks like a Make-A-Wish kid whose final wish was to play on an NBA court with his favorite stars before the cancer killed him.

isaiah thomas

Is this real?

isaiah thomas

Is this photoshopped?!


How tall is Isaiah Thomas?

You can show me any photograph of IT on a basketball court and I think it’s photoshopped to make him look like a toddler. He’s listed at 5’9 but my last girlfriend was 5’9. I don’t remember having to drive around with a baby seat in my car. Isaiah looks like no matter how low a chair is to the ground, his feet are ALWAYS dangling off the bottom.

It’s really cute that Thomas is out here attempting to shoot a basketball when his tiny little baby hands can barely balance the ball. Whether he scores 22 points or simply checks into an NBA game at all, we should all be happy for this man breaking the glass ceiling for all 8-year olds who think they’re good enough for the league.









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