SZA Just Casually Quit TDE on Twitter

sza tweet

Ah, the times they are a-changing. In 2016, you can retire via Twitter and you can just quit your music label. Now, I’m pretty sure that’s not how contracts work but who knows? I’m not behind those closed doors where the big deals are signed. There could be some clause that allows SZA to tap out on Twitter and that just waives everything.

SZA’s last album came out in 2014 so the world has been waiting for the release of her next project, A. Looks like she has been shelved by TDE for whatever reason andddd she’s having none of that. Here’s the thing, TDE president, Punch, didn’t seem to care at all.

Is SZA done with TDE? Are we ever going to hear this new album? Is this all an inside job to stir up pageviews? I mean, I guess that last possibility helps me out soo I’m going to hope for the latter. Regardless, rap beefs are the best kind of beef ever. Next time I go to Chipotle, I’m ordering the rap beef.

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