Sure Giancarlo Stanton is Struggling But Can We Talk About How Awful Neil Walker Is?

With the second base position wide open and Greg Bird doing Greg Bird things and immediately injuring himself right before the regular season began, Neil Walker was poised to march right into the lineup as a switch hitter and do numbers for the Yankees.

Well, Walker has 8 hits in 53 at-bats which gives him the lowest batting average on the team at .188. The only player in the lineup with as many plate appearances as Walker and with a lower on-base percentage is Gary Sanchez, who had a very slow start but he’s slugging .426 and has 13 RBIs to Walker’s 3.

We’re all ready to boo Giancarlo Stanton for underachieving but he is statistically better than Neil Walker in every single category outside of strikeouts which happens to be Stanton’s specialty at the moment.

Where are the Neil Walker boos?

Now, you can point to the fact that he’s a second baseman, which isn’t necessarily a position known for its offensive production but Walker is a former Silver Slugger Award winner back in 2014 with the Pittsburgh Pirates. They’re not just giving that award away. Or based off of how he’s currently playing, maybe they do just give that award away.

Neil Walker has a WAR of -0.3 and the only player on the Yankees with a lower WAR is Jonathan Holder whose key contribution to this point has been giving up grand slams and he’s now in the minor leagues, hopefully forever. Jonathan Holder is going to be the king of Scranton when it’s all said and done. Or working on Dwight’s beet farm. It could go either way.

Walker was the New York Mets second baseman for the last two seasons so for comparison’s sake, Walker’s replacement on the Mets at second, Asdrubal Cabrera, is leading the team in WAR while again, Neil Walker is currently last on the Yankees. Dope.

Where are the Neil Walker boos?

Fortunately, Gleyber Torres is quietly waiting like a snake in the grass to snatch up that second base position, especially considering that the Yankees were supposed to go 162-0 and they are struggling to stay at .500. They need him to emerge and prove why he’s the best prospect in baseball.

Greg Bird is expected to back be at the end of May to reclaim first base. We are so close to refreshing Twitter and reading that Walker was DFA’d which would literally save the Yankees season.

Neil Walker is making 2018 Giancarlo Stanton look like 2017 Giancarlo Stanton. Let’s give Stanton a break and please recognize how trash Walker has been.




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