Super Human John Cena Deadlifts 600LBs on His 40th Birthday

John Cena is easily one of my least favorite wrestlers in WWF history. When he debuted as a ‘tough’ white rapper teaching ‘thuganomics’ I wanted to vomit every time he came to the ring but he was feuding with John Bradshaw Layfield whose gimmick was a rich conservative capitalist who belittled everyone so Smackdown was unwatchable for awhile.

Yes, he’s a very annoying wrestler but I guess I can’t say that’s he’s bad human. Mainly because there is no way he’s human. I don’t want to reveal my age but I am a tad bit younger than John Cena. At no point have I ever even considered deadlifting 602 pounds. Pass. Cena is 40 and there still aren’t enough weights in the gym for this guy.

John Cena will always be the lamest WWF superstar ever and will always be able to beat me up whenever he wants to.



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