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Substitute Teacher Arrested For Being So Wine Drunk That She Threw Up On The Classroom Floor

A substitute teacher at a South Carolina high school was arrested after allegedly being so drunk, she threw up on the classroom floor.

According to WIS-TV, an incident report from the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department claims Judith Elizabeth Richards-Gartee had an open box of wine in her purse and that students had observed her drinking the wine during class.

Richards-Gartee was allegedly unable to stand when a school administrator arrived to the classroom, so a wheelchair was brought in take her to the nurse’s office, before she was transported to an area hospital.



I used to show up to high school drunk all of the time so I totally understand Judith Elizabeth Richards-Gartee. I don’t understand why this woman was dragged out in handcuffs. We’ve all had those days where maybe we have too many shower beers before work. It happens.

I can only imagine how stressful it is to be a substitute teacher. The kids don’t give a fuck whether you live or die. Why not bring a box of wine to homeroom and slap the bag after you take attendance.

If anything, I’m outraged that these kids snitched on Mizz Richards-Gartee. Look, let her take a quick wine nap so she can puke and rally for 7th period Earth Science. There have been plenty of days where I day drank a little too hard and just needed a little snooze and was ready to go that night.

Fuck these snitches.



Sidenote: my goal is to get that drunk before noon and need a wheelchair to drag me out of whatever building I end up throwing up all over. #Goals.




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