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Steve Pearce Can Fuck Off

On Thursday night, the Boston Red Sox blew the doors off the Yankees in a 15-7 victory at home to extend their grasp on the AL East and that win was on the back of Steve Pearce who decided that he would hit 3 home runs for no reason in a pure display of disrespect.

Steve Pearce went 3-for-5 with 3 home runs and 6 RBIs. What is going on here? The Yankees really went out there and made this cross-eyed journeyman who spells his name incorrectly, look like David Ortiz after a fresh needle tap.

Pearce is the first player to hit a home run against the Yankees on every single team in the American League East. This guy has quietly been poking holes in the Yankees ship his entire meaningless career and now he put the rookie, Jonathan Holder, in the torture chamber with a 3-run bomb to destroy the poor kid.

It’s suuuuper fun to see the Boston Red Sox pull a random first baseman out of the local landfill while the Yankees first baseman, Greg Bird, gets one hit a week off a bunt against the shift. This 4-game series at Fenway Park is going to be a disaster.

Steve Pearce really came into that game with 5 home runs on the season and nearly doubled his season stats with 3 swings. If Pearce hits more home runs this weekend I’m burning the city of Boston to the ground.

Shout out to the New York Yankees for deciding to have zero good pitchers on the roster. It’s a tough strategy that clearly isn’t working out for them but they are really sticking to their game plan here. Really making sure they land in that 1-game Wildcard playoff. Bold move. We’ll see how this goes.




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