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Steve Carell and Bryan Cranston Star in the Mega Sad Trailer For ‘ Last Flag Flying’

Looks like we’ve finally got our sitcom crossover of Hal from Malcolm in the Middle and Michael Scott from the Office. Two old army buddies getting the band back together, in a super depressing story about the consequences of war and sending our boys over seas to risk their lives for nothing. Pop bottles.

There is nothing Steve Carell loves more than a movie where he has to steal a corpse. It almost won the best picture award for Little Miss Sunshine so naturally, he’s running it back in Last Flag Flying.

Prepare yourself for a brutally emotional movie about loss and war. Prepare yourself for the Steve Carell crying scene that will get him some award nods. Expect Bryan Cranston, who appears to be the wild card of the group, have an extremely earnest moment where he stops goofing off and reveals some incredibly dark sad shit. Can’t wait.

My favorite part of this trailer is when they show the stars’s accolades. “Steve Carell Acadamy Award Winner. Bryan Cranston Acadamy Award Winner. Lawrence Fishburne…nominee or some shit”.




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