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Steve Bannon Tried To Spy on Facebook By Planting a Mole

Former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon tried to spy on Facebook by planting a mole in the company, BuzzFeed reported.

According to internal emails obtained by the news outlet, Bannon was seeking to gain insight into Facebook’s hiring process.

“There is one for a DC-based ‘Public Policy Manager’ at Facebook’s What’s APP [sic] division. LinkedIn sent me a notice about some job openings,” Chris Gacek, a former congressional staffer who works for the conservative Family Research Council, wrote on Aug. 1, according to Buzzfeed. Gacek reportedly gave Bannon the idea of infiltrating Facebook.

“This seems perfect for Breitbart to flood the zone with candidates of all stripe who will report back to you / Milo [Yiannopoulos] with INTEL about the job application process over at FB,” Gacek, who works at the Family Research Council, continued.


Steve Bannon is a real life villain and you have to respect him for it. Sure, you can disagree with his politics and the fact that he’s a proud white supremacist and that he is borderline insane but you also have to respect that he pretty much snaked his way into the president’s ear and now he’s out here trying to infiltrate Facebook. Can’t. Knock. The Hustle.

Sure, not a great look that Bannon was using his position in the White House to plant ‘moles’ over at Mark Zuckerberg’s fortress but I mean, why get all that power if you’re not going to use it? I bet Bannon has moles all over the place. Deadseriousness is a one man operation but I’m sure Bannon is in here somewhere watching me.

Watch the throne, Zuckerberg. Bannon is coming for that ass.



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