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Sterling Shephard is the 3rd Longest Tenured New York Giants….0-16 Season Coming Soon…

*whispers* Sterling Shepard was drafted in 2016…

Sooo Dave Gettleman walked through the door after the 2016 NFL season and kicked everyone off the team except for his long lost son Eli Manning and the long snapper.

The irony of Gettleman walking in and trading everyone away is that he’s on record saying how he doesn’t believe in doing that.

“I said to myself, if I ever get one of these jobs, I’m determined to give everybody an opportunity,” Gettleman said. “I just believe everybody deserves a shot. Firing people ain’t easy, and when you fire a coach or a scout, you fire all their wives and kids too.”

Wow, if only Gettleman could’ve thought about Odell’s wife. Landon Collins’s poor kids.

Obviously, he was referring to the management side of a franchise but it’s still an overall philosophy he clearly once had. You don’t start a job and instantly get rid of everyone that was hired by the boss before you.

That inconsistency goes perfectly with the growing narrative that my man has NO idea what he’s doing with the Giant.

His plans seem to change by the minute. One second he’s building a defense by trading for Alec Ogletree before the 2018 season and by the trade deadline, he’s shipping Snacks Harrison, the best running stopping nose tackle in football, to the Lions for chewing gum and a coke bottle. Like, those old glass bottles of coke from the 70’s when people drank soda more frequently than water because a television commercial told them to.

Fast forward to 2019 and Eli Manning doesn’t know ANYONE in that locker room except Sterling Shephard, who he probably thinks is still a rookie and PAUL PERKINS, who has somehow managed to sneak his way onto the roster for another year. Shout out Paul.

The wild part is that I will gladly take the entire 2016 53-man roster right now and the one player I’d get rid of is Eli Manning but Eli has the John Mara’s children kidnapped in his basement and will break their necks if he ever loses his job so *shrug* so it goes.

Also shout out BJ Goodson.


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