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Sterling Shephard Says That The New York Giants Still Have ‘Total Faith’ in Eli Manning Which Means Sterling Shephard is a Liar

What Happened?

The 15th-year quarterback has struggled throughout New York’s 1-5 start and some players have reportedly become frustrated with him. But Shepard told NJ Advance Media he doesn’t believe that is the case.

“I have total faith in Eli,” Shepard said. “I haven’t heard that once in this locker room. I haven’t heard that from any individual player. That’s just outside noise and stuff trying to break us apart.”

“We have total faith in him (Manning),” Shepard said. “We picked him as our starting quarterback at the beginning of the season and we’re going to ride with that.”



Sterling Shephard has come out to defend his QB1, Eli Manning and is claiming that not he nor any of the other 51 players in the Giants locker room have any doubts about the 2-time Super Bowl MVP and future Hall of Famer.

Sooooo, Sterling Shephard is a liar.

Eli Manning might be the worst quarterback in the NFL which is tough in a league that has Blake Bortles and Nathan Peterman in it but it’s not a great look that it’s at least worth a discussion.

Every time Eli drops back to pass the ball, I assume it’s going to either end up in Saquon Barkley’s arms for a 2-yard gain or at Saquon Barkley’s feet for an incomplete pass.

There is no way this team looks at Eli jog out there with his super long pajama sleeves and shoulder pads that don’t fit, and think he can win them that game.

You can literally tell how the Giants defense starts every game with intensity and then after watching the offense for one series they’re all like ‘nevermind. Everyone get your stats up and let’s get out of here healthy. This game is a wrap’.

Not sure why everyone is dead set on defending Eli but I am now steering the complete opposite direction. Eli Manning is bad and we need to be able to openly discuss this or else the Giants front office will put that corpse out there every week for the next decade because every decision the front office makes is based on what they see fans saying in like, Facebook groups.

Sterling Shephard is a liar.



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