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Stephon Marbury Wants To Return to the NBA

Stephon Marbury making a grand ‘announcement’ that he wants to return to the NBA is funny because he’s been wanting to be in the NBA ever since no one signed him and he was forced to play in China. It’s not like NBA GM’s were begging Stephon to stay in the states and he was like ‘my heart is in Shanghai’.

Based on the current trajectory of the Cleveland Cavaliers, don’t be shocked if they sign Marbury to back up Derrick Rose and Stephon and Jose Calderon run the back court in trash minutes in the ultimate fuck you to all Knicks fans as D-Rose, Calderon and Marbury all win NBA titles before Carmelo Anthony. That’s the world I live in.

I’m currently wearing Starbury’s so you know I’m ready for the return of the mack. Chances are he’ll be selling fake tickets outside of Madison Square Garden next season but I still have faith in my man.




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