Stephen Drew Signs $3 Million Deal With Washington Nationals Sooo the Nats Are Going to the World Series

If you’re a New York Yankees fan then you know just how valuable Stephen Drew is. With his .185 batting average, Drew singlehandedly carried the Yankees on his back to reach the playoffs last year. Well bad news for New York and the entire National League as Stephen Drew has penned a $3 million contract with the Washington Nationals so needless to say, their going straight to the World Series.

The Yankees have made some great offseason moves this year by adding Starlin Castro and Aroldis Chapman but letting Stephen Drew go cancels out everything. We’re basically trotting out a AAA squad without Drew in pinstripes. Stephen Drew is the best player the Yankees have had since Jeter’s retirement.

Drew was a true franchise player that you could build a team around. Now it would appear as though the Yankees lack identity. Hopefully someone can step up for the Bronx Bombers this year and fill his role. HUGE shoes to fill.

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Last year the Washington Nationals were the favorites to win the NL East but fell flat on their faces with awful team chemistry and no leadership. Dudes were choking each other out in the dugouts and shit. Well Stephen Drew is a glue guy. He is the leader they need to take them to the promised land.

I’m not going to sit here and say I just became a Washington Nationals fan but with Bryce Harper and Stephen Drew in the same lineup, they might win 162 games next year. They just became the Golden State Warriors of Major League Baseball. No team is safe.

It is truly a dark day for Yankees fans. Thanks for reading. Leave a comment if you just became a Washington Nationals fan. Also Like Deadseriousness on Facebook and shit. Thanks.


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