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Stephen A. Smith Wants To Make It Known To The World That He Is An Ass Man

What Happened?

Stephen A. Smith went on Snoop Dogg’s Youtube so set the record straight about what he preferred in a lady. He is an ass man, damn it. Don’t ask him silly questions like that, Snoop.

Wellll, Stephen A. had to issue an apology on his radio show because ESPN is owned by Disney and I guess Disney employees can’t get high with Snoop and talk about ass and titties. Strange.

“The reason why I [apologize] is because the attention it’s brought to my employers obviously for the wrong reasons,” Smith said on his radio show. “And I have to own that. I don’t want to come across as sounding nonchalant or anything, I’m just being honest.

“I’ve always answered the question the same way. And I’ve answered the question the same way since I’ve been in this business, over 25 years. … Anytime I’ve been asked that specific question, I’ve literally given the same answer.”

(NY Post)


Stephen A. Smith is a bottom feeder, born and raised.

Booty over everything. From now on when you watch First Take, be aware that he’s exclusively thinking about dat ass. Coincidentally, Max Kellerman for sure seems like a guy that’s into boobs. You can tell from his awful takes.

ESPN making Stephen A. apologize for talking about something he is truly passionate about is why ESPN is losing so much money. It has nothing to do with politics or the fact that no one needs to watch Sportscenter for highlights of games anymore. Nope. It’s because they won’t allow their stars to talk about butts. Shame.

Free Stephen A.






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