Steph Curry Does Not Get Immunity From These Jokes

The Golden State Warriors STINK this year. Kevin Durant is playing with his new bestie in Brooklyn. Klay Thompson’s legs keep exploding. Draymond Green has turned back into a pumpkin. And the only player remaining from their dynasty is Steph Curry.

The team sits outside of the playoffs right now but it’s early in the season. Expect them to be dead fucking last by the All-Star break.

For some reasonin spite of how terrible this team playsSteph Curry continues to be defended by the NBA media and fans are following suit. Can’t count how many times I’ve read ‘You have to feel bad for Steph’ all over my timeline. And no, you do not have to feel bad for this grown man.

Giannis is the reigning MVP and every time he fails in the playoffs we all unite in mocking The Greek Meek. LeBron James brings absolute BUMS to the Finals and loses to better teams. He instantly gets roasted for a full calendar year until he gets to the Finals again.

Yet Stephwho will shimmy in his defender’s face after hitting a 3 when his team is already up by 30 points or will throw his mouthpiece into the stands because the ref called him for reaching in after he very clearly reached in—is somehow exempt from getting these jokes.


Okay, Kelly Oubre is quite literally the worst 3-point shooter in the league. He’s 1-for-25 shooting 4% from behind the arc.

Andrew Wiggins—who we were told would transform into Giannis trade bait because the Warriors system is so blah blah blah—is shooting 37% from the field and still in his 7th season in the league has NO idea where he’s supposed to be standing on a basketball court which is a problem for a professional basketball player.

But we cannot act as if Steph is some victim. How many years did people shit on Carmelo Anthony in New York when that terrible front office surrounded him with Lance Thomas and Jose fucking Calderon. Everyone made fun of him and the media treated him as if it was his fault for the Knicks struggles.

Steph Curry has 2 MVPs. You should be able to carry a team to the playoffs on your own or else yes, we need to totally re-evaluate where we assess his among the all time best in the sport. I’m not saying that Curry needs to compete for a title but De’Aaron Fox shouldn’t be carrying the Kings to a higher seed than Steph’s Warriors.

Do not stop mocking Steph. If he continues to lose by 30 every night then shit all over him. Never feel bad for Steph Curry. He’ll be just fine.





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