Stealing Home Is The Most Disrespectful Move in Sports

On Sunday night, the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in Game 5 of the World Series to go up 3-2 in the series and although the Rays took that big fat L, the biggest play of the game was Manuel Margot attempting to steal home in the bottom of the 4th inning with 2 outs.

The last time a player successfully straight up stole home base in the World Series was 1955. It was the iconic Jackie Robinson steal. Manuel Margot thought that he would be the next Jackie Robinson and tie the game himself. Rays manager, Kevin Cash, said that the move was completely Margot’s alone and a team decision.

If you’re Clayton Kershaw, you have to immediately charge home plate and beat the brakes off Margot for the blatant disrespect. You are the greatest pitcher of your generation (if you’re reading this article then you too live in the fractured universe where the Houston Astros and Justin Verlander never existed).

Manuel Margot saw Kershaw winding up and was like ‘this old ass WASHED bum moving in slow motion is about to throw a 45 mph fastball. Fuck him. I can take this base if I want it. Who’s going to stop me? Caitlyn Coleslaw? Bet.’

Nah, there’s a physical challenge. You just publicly checked my masculinity on live television. There was an Instagram model moments away from DMing me and stopped themselves because you just tried to punk me in front of millions.

Square. Up.

We are exchanging hands. Put your fucking dukes up, my g. War is coming to your front door. Steal home base when I’m on the mound and violence has activated. We’re meeting in the hallway after the game and we’re re-painting the walls with your face blood. Next time you see me, I’ll be wearing a necklace of Margot’s teeth around my neck.

By the way, it doesn’t matter that Kershaw was able to step off the mound quickly and threw him out at the plate without balking. I mean, that’s cool for the overall outcome of the game but no, it doesn’t matter if you are safe or thrown out. You tried to steal home base on me. There will be blood.


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