Who Should Be the Starting Quarterback For the Houston Texans?

Soo the Houston Texans snuck into the playoff this year without JJ Watt and without a starting quarterback who knows how to throw a football. Brock Osweiler and Tom Savage have combined to be absolutely awful.

Even head coach Bill O’Brien doesn’t know who’s going to start.

O’Brien says: ”We gave the players a day off (Monday) so I haven’t even seen the quarterbacks. So I’ll have more for you on that (Tuesday).”

He was then asked whether the decision will be based mostly on health and said that ”a lot of different factors” will go into it.


Osweiler has a $72 million contract sitting on his shoulders which might be why he can’t throw a football. He has 15 touchdowns and 16 interceptions on the season. That’s bad. He’s also fumbled the ball five times. He basically begged O’Brien to play Tom Savage.

So the Tom Savage era began. Then ended almost immediately as Savage has thrown for the most meaningless 461 yards. No touchdowns. No turnovers. Just backup quarterback stuff.

So who should start for the Houston Texans?

Trick question: it doesn’t matter.

The Texans play the Raiders in the opening round of the playoffs this weekend. The Raiders are without Derek Carr for the remainder of the season. Their backup, Matt McGloin hurt his shoulder like, as soon as he could. No matter who the Texans start on Sunday, they’re going to be better than whatever scrub the Raiders pull from the local grocery store to start behind center.



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