Starbucks Calling The Cops On 2 Black Guys For Just Being 2 Black Guys Hanging Out Isn’t a Greaaaat Look

Shout out to Starbucks for their ‘no blacks allowed’ policy in a post-segregation society. Really shines light on why CEO Howard Schultz moved the Seattle Supersonics to Oklahoma City, of all places.


Over the weekend, two black guys were hanging out in a Starbucks in Philadelphia minding their own business and the manager of the store called the cops to arrest them because they had not ordered anything.

Apparently they were arrested for trespassing but the other white people sitting in this Starbucks had also been there doing absolutely nothing but just hanging out. A white guy had been in the store for 30 minutes without buying a single thing and a jogger came into the store to use the bathroom and didn’t have to purchase anything first. As I’m sure you can gather, that jogger was white.

The worst part is that these two men were real estate developers who were quietly waiting to meet with a client and next thing they knew, there were EIGHT cops throwing handcuffs on them and escorting them out of this Starbucks because they had too much melanin.

For anyone who’s immediate reaction is to question and defend the Starbucks, I have to ask why? Why can’t you simply acknowledge the very simple fact that the manager saw two young black men and got nervous and afraid and called the cops on them because of racism.

There have been plenty of times that I sat in like, a Dunkin Donuts or a random deli to maybe charge my phone or something and I’ve been forced to buy a coffee in order to stay there even though I’ve been surrounded by whites who seemingly live there happily without making a single purchase.

Fuck Starbucks.

I’ve personally been boycotting this organization ever since that one time I wanted a bagel one day a few years ago and I found out that they handed you the cream cheese separately and made you spread it on yourself. Nah b. That’s like ordering a sandwich at Subway and being handed a bunch of cold cuts, some bread and a paper towel.

Fuck Starbucks.






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