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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer is Finally Here and It’s The Greatest Thing Ever

My heart is racing and I don’t even know why. Nothing crazy happens or gets revealed but I’m keyed up now. Just put on that John Williams score and flash a lightsaber and you can pretty much take all of my money. It’s yours, Star Wars.

Again, this trailer doesn’t really reveal much and nor should it. I don’t need to see every important scene. I don’t need a plot outline. I get it. It’s the light vs. dark. Same as every Star Wars movies ever. No need to reveal major turning points.

I cannot wait to see Luke Skywalker do anything. I’m completely invested. Why does he want to end the jedi? What’s Kylo Ren up to now? What happens to Finn after Kylo beat his ass. What is Supreme Leader Snoke’s plan? What’s up Poe Dameron? There are major questions that need to be answered this Christmas.

I will be there on opening day in my Han Solo vest and a beer in my pocket that I snuck in. See you all there.





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