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Was I Supposed to Ignore The Massive Blonde Darts at the St. Louis Blues Game?

Sometimes when there’s an elephant in the room, you need to address it or it’ll rattle you all day. Last night I turned to the St. Louis Blues pounding the Dallas Stars. It was an awful game. One team came to play and the other team had a major distraction.

How do you play hockey with those daggers hanging over the barricade? I wouldn’t be surprised if the St. Louis Blue front office didn’t purposely place those down there to distract everyone. I don’t know if it worked but it certainly distracted me.

I don’t know if it worked but it certainly distracted me. Suddenly got the urge to attend a hockey game. Might even jump on a flight to St. Louis. Who knows? I’m shook.

I think I’m at St. Louis Blues fan now. Go Blues(?)

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