Space Force Has a Steve Carell Problem

Space Force is a TV showed based on a Donald Trump cocaine-induced rant about creating a new branch of the military that literally zero people asked for and has the same level of thought and planning as all of his other bullshit. Maybe the man who said you should inject bleach into your veins to prevent Coronavirus, shouldn’t be creating new military branches.

So it’s kind of an uphill battle to begin with when you attempt to build a comedy series ripped directly from the headlines but Steve Carell and Greg Daniels tried regardless. Together they created the American version of The Office and you people seem to believe it’s the best show ever so of course they thought they were capable of turning Trump’s dumbest idea into a full series.

Steve Carell plays General Mark Naird, the chief of space operations and the man tasked with legitimizing an awful Trump tweet. But there is no real irony in his job or the existence of a Space Force. This show acts as if it is a totally normal thing.

Space Force is a situational comedy in which almost none of the comedy is based on the situation. Outside of a monkey eating a dog in space, none of the jokes ever highlight the absurdity of sending an army into space. The show doesn’t even have the balls to mention Donald Trump.

The tone of this show is all over the place. It’s not silly enough for Steve Carell’s decision to do a dumb voice for no reason. And it’s randomly way too serious for Steve Carell to be dancing in his office to the Beach Boys.

His daughter is in this ABC Family drama about being a new girl in a new town trying to meet boys and shit. Her B storylines will make you think you accidentally sat on your remote and changed the channel.

Space Force has no idea what type of show it wants to be.

There were two possible directions to take General Naird. He could’ve been reluctant to take over the Space Force and burdened by the president’s orders or he could have been proud to lead a space army and mirrored the president’s stupidity and narrow-mindedness but instead Steve Carell stays in the middle in this generic ass workplace comedy with a highly unlikeable protagonist.

General Naird gives a passionate speech at a hearing about the Space Force’s overspending and how reckless their budget it with individual oranges costing thousands of dollars. In this speech, he explains to what appears to be some sort of AOC stand-in that all of the wasteful spending is good so the astronauts can remember what it’s like to be home or some shit and he walks away as a hero.


There is absolutely no reason to root for Steve Carell’s character and his dumb voice.

Comedians have all collectively failed to capitalize on Trump’s bullshit leaving us with four years of the laziest jokes ever written and this show that is LITERALLY about one of Trump’s dumbest ideas has no idea why the idea of a Space Force is funny and why General Naird could have been a direct extension of Trump’s megalomania but instead, he’s just Michael Scott with no redeeming qualities.

But this isn’t the worst show ever. Everything Ben Schwartz and Jimmy Yang appear in is funny. John Malkovich adds heart to a show that probably would’ve been a Jim Carey direct-to-VHS 90’s movie without him.

Actually, this would be a dope show if everything remained the same and Steve Carell was totally edited out of it.






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