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South Carolina Congressman Joe Cunningham Stopped From Entering House Floor Because He Brought a 6-Pack of Beer With Him

Rep. Joe Cunningham, a newly elected Democrat from South Carolina, was barred from walking onto the House floor Friday as he tried to bring a six-pack of beer with him.

The banned brewskis, from the Charleston area, were a gift for Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., a co-chair of the large House Small Brewers Caucus, Cunningham said on Twitter.

The beers included: White Thai and One Claw from Westbrook Brewing Company and Dead Arm from Coast Brewing, according to The Post and Courier.


Apparently Friday’s in the House of Representatives is lit as hell with people showing up beer in hand ready to legislate or whatever happens on the house floor. Beer pong?

But this is a rookie mistake by Joe Cunningham.

Everyone knows when you want to drink at a work meeting, you pour the alcohol in a coffee cup or Big Gulp. You can’t walk in with a 6-pack, my guy. Especially if they’re cans.

Everyone’s going to hear you open them unless you use my foolproof method for opening beer in a movie theatre where you just pretend to cough as loud as you can as you crack open a new one. No one suspects a thing.

Hahaha I’m glad our congressmen can all have fun and joke around while simultaneously shutting down the government and making all our of lives astronomically worse. So fun.

Bag, secured.





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