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Soulja Boy Created Rap

Soulja Boy is BACK and he’s ready to set the record straight. He’s doing the local media circuit to preach about his greatness. I hope he doesn’t have an album coming out. I’d like to imagine he was just asleep for like, 4 months and woke up PISSED.

Soulja Boy wanted to know what Meek Mill’s 2018 comeback was bigger than his and that conversation immediately escalated to him wanting to remind the world that Drake wouldn’t exist if Soulja didn’t give him the blueprint.

Exhibit A:

As you can see, Drake straight up robbed Soulja Boy’s entire hook. My favorite thing about this interview is that it’s 2019 and I just had to listen to a 2008 Soulja Boy song. I am officially a washed rap fan.

So there you have it. All of modern hip hop that you know and loved spawned from a song that sounds like it was recorded on a 7-Eleven prepaid flip phone.

Oh, he also went off on Kanye and said other problematic stuff because that’s what you do when you go on the Breakfast Club. You can watch the full interview below:





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