Soulja Boy and Blac Chyna Are Banging Now

Blac Chyna didn’t waste any time trading one boyfriend for another, because a hot minute after breaking up with Kid Buu — she’s got a new boo by the name of Soulja Boy.

Sources close to both Chyna and Soulja tell us they’ve been dating for more than a week … a relationship that blossomed on Instagram, after each slid into the other’s DMs. We’re told SB and Chyna finally met up at Sean Kingston’s L.A. penthouse last week, and things got heated — in a good way (TMZ).

Two low-functioning humans who exclusively exist on the internet have joined forces to form a brand new meme relationship. I’m very happy for Soulja Boy and Blac Chyna. They deserve each other.

Soulja Boy has returned to the news cycle after rising from the dead and going onto the Breakfast Club to say that he created Drake and some stuff about Kanye that no one cares about.

Blac Chyna spent 2018 banging random teenage rappers. I feel like that didn’t get talked enough. Blac Chyna really dated teenage boys with face tattoos and multiple children of their own. Clearly, she’s doing well.

Now these two lovebirds have found each other. The loudest couple in the history of sound. I can just imagine these two screaming in each other’s face as they discuss brunch plans.

I really hope they’re having a fun night playing on the video game console that Soulja Boy created as they prank call Rob Kardashian’s phone. Happy Valentine’s Day, guys.



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