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Sooo…When Are We Allowed To Acknowledge How Awful Giancarlo Stanton Has Been?

Giancarlo Stanton is batting .264 with 33 homers and 86 RBIs. His season has not been bad. I want to make that clear before I shit all over him for the remainder of this article because it doesn’t matter if you go off and hit a bunch of home runs in a two month span when you can’t get a base hit in September in the middle of a playoff race when it matters most.

Stanton is the reigning MOST VALUABLE PLAYER. Some might interpret that being valuable would include having more than 8 hits in his last 70 at-bats. 31 strikeouts doesn’t add to his value either.

With Aaron Judge out dealing with a wrist that will seemingly never heal, Stanton needs to be the power bat in the heart of the lineup and instead, he’s playing more like Shane Robinson which I’m realizing is the meanest thing I’ve ever said about anyone.

Here’s what Aaron Boone has to say about his star slugger’s slump:

“Timing is a little off. You know with him he is always close. He and [hitting coaches] Marcus [Thames] and PJ [Pilittere] have kind of identified some things they really want to work on, small little adjustments that will hopefully allow him to get into that good place that he was in really for a couple of months when he was in a lot of ways carrying what we were doing offensively.’’

Now, before everyone eggs me with ‘well, everyone on this team is slumping’. You are correct. In September, the Yankees as a whole are batting .197. The entire team has turned into little Greg Bird’s.

Here’s what separates Stanton from everyone else, and if you paid attention earlier, you may or may not remember. BUT, Giancarlo Stanton, again, is the reigning MVP.

Brett Gardner is struggling and has been left out of the lineup but he’s not as important as Stanton. I’m pretty sure every Yankees fan would replace Gardner with Bryce Harper in a heartbeat. Personally, I think Andrew McCutchen should start over him in the outfield right now.

Speaking of McCutchen, he’s played 11 games in pinstripes and has 2 home runs with an on-base percentage of .383. Interesting. McCutchen is making a huge impact and he, like Giancarlo, is a former MVP.

Point is, Giancarlo Stanton stiiiiiiiiinks right now and I’m totally okay if the booing from the beginning of the season were to sneak back into Yankee Stadium. You fully have my permission to remind Stanton that he sucks.



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