Sooo Odell Beckham Jr Likes When Women Poop On Him

You know it’s the return of the NFL season when Odell Beckham Jr is in the public discourse for nothing football related at all. This time, ODB didn’t knock over a kicking net or slap a security guard’s ass. No, this time a woman that looks like she was born and raised in New York Subway puddle claims that he requested that she shit on her.

First of all, shout out to Adam22 of No Jumper for giving these women a platform to hop on microphones and tell millions of listeners about weird sex shit they’ve done with celebrity men who 1000% are not proud of sleeping with them.

A couple of weeks ago it was that girl that said she blew 7 Phoenix Suns players in a row after just finishing up banging their like, equipment manager or whatever and now this malnutritioned woman is here to say that Odell likes to be shit on.

Before I keep going, I know I made fun of these women earlier but the streets are safer knowing these three are in a podcast studio and not out in the wild poking hole in condoms and taking those snapchats where you just had sex with someone famous and he falls asleep but you take a selfie with their sleeping body totally against their consent. Please continue focusing on creating this timeline can’t-miss content and stay out of these men’s DMs.

A lot of people are going to say that *checks name* Slim Danger, is lying. Look at Odell and look at her. I’m sure people believe that ODB can have any woman he wants.

See, look at his girlfriend compared to this poop-liar.

But let’s all be real about this situation, this is exactly the type of girl that someone like Odell Beckham would sleep with and ask to shit on him. Duh. You think he’s going to tell some model that she needs to empty her bowels on his chest? Of course not. That’s a request you make to a girl you do not respect. And not to kink shame but yea, Slim Danger is the type of girl who will shit on you if fed properly prior to your request.

Unfortunately, we all know this did not happen. No, not because she isn’t the most attractive woman on Earth of because these three girls are just saying whatever the hell they want for clicks and views.

No, this didn’t happen because we all know that Odell is mega gay.

This is Odell’s response to the poop rumors. “Can’t knock me off my pivot… no matter what sh–ts thrown my way,” The Browns are going to win 3 games this season.



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