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Soo Can We Talk About That Creepy Candy Commercial That Aired During the ALDS?

Uh, what the fuck is this? I’m in the middle of trying to watch the New York Yankees assist the Cleveland Indians in blowing a 2-0 lead when all of a sudden there is a nightmare inducing commercial straight out of a Wes Craven film for no reason at all.

What was this?

Was this a candy commercial? Because this did not inspire me to rip open a package of Skittles. You know the best Pepsi commercials? The ones where they show the actual Pepsi being poured/consumed. You know the worst Pepsi commercials? When Kylie Jenner changes the world and ends police brutality because she cracks one open. Just show the product and stop being cute.

Was this supposed to be a Halloween commercial because it’s October. There is no need to remind people that Halloween is coming. We are fully aware. I don’t need to be cringing during the MLB Playoffs.

Good news: The Yankees are advancing to the ALCS.

Bad news: I think I have a new phobia of elevators.



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