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Soo Are We Just Never Going To Stop Talking About That Odell Beckham Trade?

Odell Beckham Jr was traded to the Cleveland Browns (along with pro bowl pass rusher Olivier Vernon) in exchange for Jabril Peppers, a random offensive guard and the No. 17 pick which turned into an out of shape Dexter Lawrence out of Clemson. Awesome. Pop bottles.

We talked about that trade to death. None of it made any sense from the New York Giants perspective outside of the fact that the new GM, Dave Gettleman, wanted to trade away all of the expensive talented players and replace them with cheap draft picks while simultaneously continuing to rely on Eli Manning, who has been the starting quarterback since the great depression and hasn’t had a winning season since man landed on the moon.

Well if you were tired of reliving that awful trade, you’re fucked because it continues to be the only NFL story that exists. Also doesn’t help that GQ just released an Odell Beckham cover story where he had more things to say about the Giants.

“I felt disrespected. This team has not been good for the last six years. Period. It’s just all bad. I felt like I was a main reason at keeping that brand alive. They were getting prime-time games, still, as a 5-11 team. Why? Because people want to see the show,” Beckham continued. “You want to see me play … I felt disrespected they weren’t even man enough to even sit me down to my face and tell me what’s going on.”

Is Odell wrong in saying that he was the only watchable player on the Giants and he singlehandedly kept the brand alive? Probably not. The organization definitely failed to capitalize on having a uniquely talented wide receiver because they refused to stop giving Eli Manning paychecks.

That being said, if he’s going to continue bashing the Giants going forward, he’s public enemy No. 1. It doesn’t matter how right you are. You don’t get to talk shit anymore. Only WE do.

It’s going to be sickening watching Baker Mayfield and Odell flourish while Daniel Jones leads the league in interceptions and Golden Tate campaigns for Trump but here we are. This is life now.

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