Somewhere in the World Exists a Cardi B and Beyonce Collab Track

BITCH I met Beyoncé Bitch !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Eyeball emoji. Also probably eggplant emoji.

Cardi B is making all of the correct moves thus far in her career. The window for a female rapper is so small. One second, you’re the hottest chick on the block and the next, you’re totally irrelevant and the punchline to every joke.

It’s happened time and time again. These women rappers who are attractive and have big singles never maintain longevity. There’s the big hit and then once the next few tracks aren’t as hot, suddenly the photo of your fake butt falling off of your back is released without any photoshop and your ghost writers walk away from you and it’s all over.

Cardi is killing it. She has the biggest single of the year and she hasn’t made the mistake of releasing a trash Bodak Yellow follow up. There isn’t a rushed album full of duds. And now it appears she’s sitting on a song with Beyonce.

All Hail, Cardi B.



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