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Someone Please Save Jacob deGrom From The New York Mets

The New York Mets are currently 26-25 on the season and they sit 4th in the NL East. They’re only 4 games behind the first place Atlanta Braves but the Washington Nationals can break ahead and go on a winning streak at any second. The New York Mets can go on a similar losing streak any day now.

None of this mediocrity goes on the shoulders of their ace, Jacob deGrom who is currently having his best statistical season ever with an ERA of 1.54 which is second in all of baseball only behind Justin Verlander. He’s also tied for the highest WAR with Verlander as well at 3.3 wins above replacement.

My man’s name is already being engraved in the 2018 National League Cy Young Award.

The New York Mets are on a mission to ruin all of his starts after the bullpen blew another amazing performance by deGrom to the point where deGrom straight up doesn’t even know what’s going on over there anymore.

“What are we doing?”

Jacob deGrom has an ERA of 0.45 in his last 7 starts andddd the Mets are just 2-7 in those games. DeGrom isn’t allowing ANY runs and the Mets are discovering new and inventive ways to lose. It’s remarkable how little they give a fuck about having the best pitcher in the entire National League. It’s as if they’re losing on purpose.

Here’s what deGrom said about the team’s struggles:

“I think it’s frustrating no matter what, whether I’m pitching or I am not,” said deGrom. “We don’t want to lose and when we lose games it’s frustrating. Whether it’s me or anybody else, that is not what we’re trying to do.”


Can someone please save deGrom from the New York Mets?

Last week I wrote an article about how dumb the Yankees would be if they traded for deGrom and Syndergaard and with Syndergaard being put on the disabled list again today, I feel partly vindicated but at the end of the day, imagine if deGrom was in Pinstripes? He’d set the single-season wins record.




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