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Somehow Laura Ingram Was Too Racist To Work At The White House

If you were curious as to how Donald Trump put together the worst White House staff in the history of history, a report has recently been published detailing the vetting of potential employees.

Laura Ingram was among the countless unqualified candidates vetted for the position of White House Press Secretary.

Here are some super chill and totally not Nazi propaganda from Laura Ingram that was gathered in these leaked documents:

Oh, she also thinks the Clinton’s are serial killers(?).

And just in case the old white men who cut her checks start to look at her sideways, Laura has made it clear she rides with them all the way.

Women exist to give birth. Got it.

Steve Bannon is the godfather of the alt-right. He made being racist on the internet hip. And even he got a seat in the White House before Laura Ingram.

This is the worst administration ever. And the president is a rapist.

You can read the full leaked doc here.

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