Solo Joker Movie Casts Little Bruce Wayne So This Movie Is Going To Be Trash Now

What Happened?

Todd Phillips’ Joker movie may be focused on the origin of the Clown Prince of Gotham, but it’s gonna touch on the Dark Knight too. Because of course it is.

ComicBook first reported, and io9 has confirmed, that young actor Dante Pereira-Olson (Happy) has been cast as Bruce Wayne—the boy who will grow up to become Batman—in the film. He’ll appear alongside the previously announced role of Thomas Wayne, played by Brett Cullen, and Douglas Hodge as their butler, Alfred Pennyworth, which was also revealed by ComicBook.



A solo Joker movie that exists outside of the Justice League universe that DC is building could potentially be a fascinating examination of the most popular comic book villain of all time set within the real world without spandex and boy wonders.

Until you cast young Batman in the movie and realize that this movie doesn’t want to be a crime noir. It wants to be a comic book movie because comic book movies move units and explode box offices.

We all know what’s going to happen at the end of this movie, right? Have you ever seen a Batman movie without a scene of Bruce Wayne’s parents getting murdered? No. No one has. That movie doesn’t exist.

The Joker is going to kill Batman’s parents and blah blah blah.

I’ve written this before but adding Batman into this doesn’t even make sense. The Joker is already a middle-aged man at this point. By the time Bruce Wayne grows up to fight him, he’s fighting an old guy with green hair and lipstick.

But no worries. I’m sure director Todd Phillips, the man responsible for the 2004 smash hit Starsky & Hutch, will make a gritty crime thriller that will be talked about for generations.


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