So Uh, Who Is Gonna Play Quarterback For The Dolphins?

Before we try to figure out this trade, the Miami Dolphins needed to move on from Ryan Tannehill. His knees don’t work and he’s underperformed every single opportunity he was given.

You don’t want to be stuck throwing a massive contract at a guy because sometimes he plays better than a backup quarterback would. That’s how you end up in the Jaguars situation with Blake Bortles being trash and making $18 million.

Favorite stat of the day: Since Tannehill’s rookie season in 2012, 39 quarterbacks across the league have attempted at least 1,000 passes. Among those 39 quarterbacks, Ryan Tannehill ranks 20th in completion percentage, 22nd in yards per game and 27th in quarterback rating.

Yikes. He’s in the Andy Dalton/Derek Carr range of NFL quarterbacks. The Dolphins needed to cut him but instead they were able to get some draft compensation for him. Word.

But like, who is playing quarterback for the Miami Dolphins now?

Luke Falk SZN.

Again, the Dolphins needed to move on from Ryan Tannehill but perhaps they could’ve made this trade like, one week earlier before free agency started and all of the quarterbacks were signed.

Nick Foles. Tyrod Taylor. Teddy Bridgewater. All signed with other teams.

Miami’s decision to have zero quarterbacks on their team is real strange move but it’s 2019 and we must evolve as a society. No more kink shaming. Whatever you’re into Miami. Just make sure you know your safe word when Blake Bortles comes in and turns the ball over 6 times in Week 1.




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