This Nun Cleaning Hurricane Irma With a Chainsaw Is the Only Thing That Matters

There was a need, I had the means, so I wanted to help out,” Sister Margaret Ann told Erin Burnett on Tuesday evening. “We teach our students: Do what you can to help other people, don’t think of yourselves,” she said during a live interview on CNN’s “OutFront.” “That’s what I wanted to do.”


Forget the impending nuclear war with North Korea. Forget the rise of white supremacy in America. Forget the incompetence of the president. The only thing that matters today is Sister Margaret Ann literally out here saving the world with a chainsaw.

We need this woman of god and her chainsaw in Congress getting things done. Can we swap out Dennis Rodman at Kim Jong Un’s brunch table and swap in this nun. World peace would be enacted if she brought her chainsaw to a United Nations assembly.

There are two types of people on this planet, Sister Magaret Ann and everyone else. We are not worthy. I’m feeling inspired right now. Maybe I’ll clean my room or some shit. JK, I’m probably just going to Google my own name and take a nap and wake up with a chainsaw in my Amazon cart for no reason.



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