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Sign Brett Gardner To 1-Year Deals Forever

Brett Gardner was not supposed to be doing this. The second the season ended, Gardner was handed a 1-year deal seemingly just as a thank you to all of the work he had done with the team in the past even though he was essentially unplayable in the postseason.

The Yankees traded for Andrew McCutchen last season and McCutchen took left field from Gardner who looked completely cooked by the end of the year.

Fast forward to the 2019 season and Gardner, who was supposed to be a backup behind Judge, Stanton and Hicks, is third on the team in home runs. Third. On a team with Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and Luke Voit, Garder has the third most home runs.

Brett Gardner has the 4th most hits and has scored the third-most runs on the 2019 first place Bronx Bombers. The Yankees are about to set a new record for most home runs by a team in a single season and Brett Gardner is a huge reason why.

This is insane.

Gardner is 36-years old and has a new career-high in home runs. I can’t even get made at his garbage antics this season because the team has actually rallied behind his nonsense.

Last month, Gardner was kicked out of two games after slamming his bat on the top of the dugout because he didn’t like the umpire’s calls. I’m all for showing emotion. Not everyone is a robotic emotionless sociopath like Derek Jeter but the whole grabbing a bat and smashing shit thing is lame as hell.

Nope, doesn’t matter. Turns out, Brett is one of the best players on the team and he can do whatever he wants. He could break my arm with that bat so long as it happened at a Yankees World Series parade.

So fuck it, if this is how Brett Gardner play after he signs a 1-year deal then sign him to 1-year deals forever. Worst case: he’s a valuable back up and can replace Clint Frazier when he gets kicked out of a game for spitting on a fan. Best case: He wins the 2020 AL MVP Award.

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