Shut The Fuck Up, Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the leader of the democratic party. A democratic party that is completely stagnant, irrelevant, singularly focused on defeating Donald Trump and decaying right before our eyes.

Yes, Donald Trump is one of the worst presidents in the history of the United States and needs to be removed from office but we also forget that the democrats have the majority in the House and still have managed to get absolutely nothing done.

They’re more focused on occupying the power than actually using it to improve the lives of their voters. They’ll give us bread crumbs but you only qualify for those bread crumbs if you make between $20,000 and $20,002 a year and anything outside of that range you won’t get shit. Means testing, babyyyy.

And now the democratic party that sells itself on ‘we’re the good guys and the Republicans are bad guys’ are running out Joe Biden as their presidential candidate—a sundowning dementia racist who sexually assaulted a staffer in the 90s.

When directly confronted with the Joe Biden sexual assault allegations at a press conference earlier this week, Nancy Pelosi—lifelong woman—scoffed at the idea of being asked such a question.

Look at this indignant asshole talking down to a reporter who is simply trying to comprehend why Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats were outraged by Donald Trump and Brett Kavanagh’s disgusting history with women yet they are going out of their way to pretend like Tara Reade is some lying whore who should be forced to wear a scarlet A on her chest.

“Joe Biden is Joe Biden”.


Let’s translate that bullshit to what it really means which is “Joe is really nice to me which means there’s no way he could ever sexually assault a woman even though there have been countless examples of kind men who abuse women but we’ll ignore them because I didn’t know them. I know Joe even though I’ve actually never seen him alone with a woman he’s attracted to so I have NO FUCKING IDEA how he behaves in those situations but it behooves my political career for Biden to become president just as it behooved my career to pretend to care about Brett Kavanagh being an alcoholic rapist so that I could appear to moral and good but truly I only care about maintaining the influence and money I have”.

Speaking on Nancy’s money, I can’t not talk about the freezers in her house. I know that Trump and Marco Rubio and a lot of the weird alt-right ‘news’ sites covered this so I tried not to touch it as to avoid appearing in the same Google searches as like but what are you doing, Nance?

nancy pelosi

Nancy Pelosi went on the Late Show or Late Late Show or the Late Late Late show or whatever and did a super fun segment about eating a bunch of ice cream during her quarantine and lololol she’s just like us!

Oh, except that none of us have jobs anymore and homegirl is standing in front of a freezer that costs about the same as the annual salaries that we no longer have.

I’ve been screaming about this for a while now but at what point do we question why? Why are all of our top politicians rich as hell? None of you find it odd that our leaders have all the wealth and we keep hoping that the ‘good’ ones will write policies that force themselves to share some with us? You’re all just cool with this? Ok.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Alyssa Milano’s performative feminism who told us to ‘believe all women’ before saying that Tara Reade was for sure lying and we shouldn’t believe her.

Everything Nancy Pelosi has done during the Trump administration has been performative. Whether she’s creepily sarcastically clapping at the end of a Trump speech or ripping up a copy of his State of the Union address, she is so transparently attempting to make sure the history books remember which side of this she was on even though once again, the Democrats OWN the House and haven’t done shit for anyone.

The system is broken.

We have to choose between a lying dying narcissistic rapist and a lying dying narcissistic rapist and the end result is that the rich will continue to get richer while the middle class disappears and a virus kills everyone that doesn’t have the luxury of health care because in America, health care is a luxury.

And our leaders are just blindly co-signing each other’s bullshit while pointing the finger at other leaders in hopes of tricking voters into to re-electing them so they can continue to hoard wealth away from those very same voters.

I say all of that to say: shut the fuck up, Nancy Pelosi.





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