Shout Out To This Woman Who Tried To Hide From The Cops By Throwing a Laundry Basket Over Her Head

A woman was caught by police after she tried to hide from them by placing a washing basket on her head.

The Derbyshire Police turned up at the woman’s home after she failed to attend court and told the officers that she will hand herself in on Monday, the Metro reports.

However, in order to try and fool the officers, the woman placed the white basket on her head.

But her torso and legs were still poking out underneath.

The police took a picture of the disguise and posted it onto Twitter, captioning the snap: “Female located and arrested for failing to appear at court.



You have to respect this woman for trying. She heard the police barging into her home and she reacted. Cannot knock the hustle. This is simply modern ingenuity¬†at it’s finest.

What was she supposed to do in this situation? Show up to court originally and not have a warrant out for her arrest? Allow the cops to arrest her without trying to hide? That would be silly.

This is the perfect low-risk/high-reward scenario. If the police walk in and don’t see her standing there with a laundry basket over her head like Steve looking for Blue’s Clues then she is a genius and gets to go about her day without being in police custody.

Cannot knock the hustle.

No love to the cops who posted this poor woman on Twitter trying to embarrass her because it very easily could’ve gone the other way and the headline for this article could’ve been ‘dumb police force totally miss a woman standing with a bucket over her head because cops are stupid’.

They truly dodged a PR bullet.




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