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Shout Out To The Father Of A US Gymnast Sexual Assault Victims For Trying To Murder Larry Nassar in the Courtroom

I’ve been calling for the public execution of Larry Nassar from day one so I am clearly all the way on board for this dad trying to rip Nassar’s beady little eyes out of his skull. I’m shocked this judge didn’t allow it to happen.

For anyone who is like ‘yea, wait until he gets into prison. They’re going to show him’. Uh, right. The other inmates are going to be mean to him for a week. Then he’s going to be chillin. Because that’s how prison works. There is an assembly line of shitty criminals being driven in daily. Nassar will be irrelevant within a month.

You know what we SHOULD do with a man who sexually assaulted over 200 girls for decades? Stone him to death. Get that electric chair charged up. Fuck it, drop him inside of a pit of starving rats and let them consume his carcass.

Round of applause to this dad who was doing the lord’s work by attempting to murder Nassar in the middle of a courtroom. How do we get this man a Nobel peace prize? Or at the very least like, a Webby Award or some shit.

Fuck Larry Nassar.




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